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Product Name : AC2009
Price: $2,285 NEW
AC2009 Large Capacity Bill Changer-Front Load This front load model is recommended for the Vending, Amusement and Laundry Industries. Its features a single hopper with a large capacity extension which holds 9200 Quarter/Tokens or 8000 $1 Coins. The machine can be fitted with your choice of a "Change" or "Token" front decal. It is equipped with a Pyramid Validator that accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 Bills and has a 1100-note stacker. The hopper and the validator are designed on sliding rails for easy access.
Product Name : AC2001
Price: $2,329 NEW
AC2001 Bill Changer - Dual Hoppers This front load model is a dual hopper version of our AC1001 model, and is recommended for Vending and Amusement applications where higher coin capacity is desired. This machine doubles the Quarter/Token capacity to 5,600 total coins, while adding only 5 inches to the width of the machine, and is offered with your choice of a "Change" or "Tokens" front.
Product Name : AC1002
Price: $2039 NEW
Bill changer high security
Product Name : AC1001
Price: $1,755 NEW
Bill changer single hopper
Product Name : AC500
Price: $1355 NEW
Bill changer single hopper
Product Name : AC400
Price: $1139 NEW
AC400 Bill Changer - Single Hopper This economical front load changer is designed to use where only $1 & $5 Bill acceptance is needed in smaller Vending and Amusement locations. This model holds 500 Quarters and has no stacker.
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