RV 650 Merlin 4


All Royal Merlin IV Model Cold
Drink Vendors feature:

Delivery chute sensor, Energy Star Tier 3 qualified, Superior package vending flexibility, Direct-drive 24 volt delivery system, Enhanced electronics, LED display is standard, LCD display is avalable as an option, LED illumination is available as an option, Vandal-resistant cabinet, Electronic refrigeration controls, GCFI 3-prong grounded power cord


Model RVCDE-650-10
Columns 12
Height 10
Selections 72”
Width 37”
Depth 35-1/2”
Weight 620 lbs.
Amperage TBD
Voltage 120 VAC

12 oz. cans = 648
20 oz. plastic = 288
16/20 oz. glass = 276
½ liter water = 348
1 liter plastic = 204

More Than just Good Looks
• Highly reliable 24 volt direct-drive delivery system.
• Package flexibility without shims,adjustments, and kits

Best Space to Sales Detail
• 12 columns versus 10 on other venders providing better space-to-sales management and increasing profitability

Product Delivery Sensor
• Highly reliable across the wide spectrum of today’s products and packages

Energy Efficient
• Econocool refrigeration system
• Energy Conservation mode allows greater savings
• Energy Star Tier 2 compliant, allowing even further energy savings
• Optional LED lighting decreases energy consumption and increases lighting system life


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