RV 500 Bottles


Royal Vision 500 Next Generation
40 Selection Cold Beverage Center

The Royal Vision 500 Next Generation Vendor has a smaller footprint than most similar can and bottle drink machines, yet it still offers up to 40 different selections and prices. It will vend from the small 250 ml. energy drink cans up to 20 oz. bottles. The Royal Vision 500 entails a new type of delivery process. Most glass front systems allow the purchased product to free fall down into the delivery bin. The RVV 500 has a unique retrieval system consisting of an elevator which retrieves the sold product from its shelf and delivers it safely to the delivery bin, eliminating potential product damage or product foaming.


• Maximize your profits with the vision vendor.
• 40 Selections – 250 ml. cans to 20 oz. bottles.
• Set up consists of 5 pullout trays with 8 columns each.
• Capacity: 280 – 320 items depending on package size.
• Logic: MDB protocol.
• Multi-pricing – price each item individually from $0.05 to $99.95.
• Comes with re-manufactured Coinco or Mars coin changer and bill validator.
• Credit Card capable.
• Delivers product without free fall, thus eliminating product foaming.
• Delivery optic sensor for vend validation.
• Simplified mechanically for enhanced reliability. No solenoids, wiring or switches on product shelves.
• Triple pane tempered glass.
• Extensive package flexibility with no adjustments, shims or kits required.
• Secure anti-theft locking system.
• Live display – meaning no product labels.
• ADA approved.
• Energy Star compliant.
• Every part of the outside of the machine has a new looking appearance.
• Machine is completely quality control checked prior to shipment.

Accept Credit Cards
Optional Cashless Payment – USA Technologies ePort Edge:
• One Piece Solution
• Faster Transaction Processing
• Remote Over the Air (OTA) Update of Software
• Mag Stripe Only Supporting All Major Credit Cards
• 16 x 2 LCD Display and LED Indicator for Transaction Status
• An ‘End’ Button to Complete or Cancel Transactions
• MDB and DEX Interfaces (Compatible with Most Vendors)
• Diagnostic Display to Simplify Configuration
• Available as an Audit Only Device
• Supports Isolated Pulse Interface with Configurable Timing to Simulate Coin
• Mechanisms & Bill Validators
• External Relay Control So You Can Turn On An External Device with a Credit Card
• Universal Mounting and Plug-In Antenna
• Typically, No External Power Supply Needed.

• Dimensions: 72.0” H x 39.0” W x 35.5” D
• Power: 110V, 60HZ, 10.0 amps (Use Dedicated 20 amp Circuit)
• Selections: 40 Drinks
• Capacity: 280 – 320 items depending on package size.
• Shipping Weight: 760 lbs.


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