DN 501 E


The Dixie Narco 501E is one of the bestselling bottle-can drink machines of all time. This machine is used by all major bottlers. It is both DEX and MDB compatible and is approved for outdoor use. With 9 selections available and dispensing up to 501 cans/ 280 bottles, this vendor is an extraordinary value.


Manufacturer: Dixie Narco
Pricing Capacity: Multiple
Dispenses: 501 Cans
280 Bottles
Selections: 9
Power: 115 Volts
Weight: 765 lbs.
Dimensions: 72″H x 37″W x 35″D

Vending machine is stripped down to the cabinet
Complete sanding
Repainted with durable paint formulation
New front vinyl or sign
New buttons
Completely reassembled and tested
90 day parts warranty and 1 year parts on any refrigeration

Thorough cleaning process
Tested to ensure functionality and good working order
30 day parts warranty


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